HVAC/R – Ventilation and air conditioning systems

Fra.Bo is very active in ventilation and air conditioning systems and offers different solutions in order to meet every producers’ need. In this field of application, environmental sustainability is always more important.

In air conditioning systems, with the elimination of fluorinated gases, producers must replace them with refrigerant gases with a lower environmental impact, as CO2 (R744), which has higher pressure of use. Due to these higher pressures, it is always more important to use reliable components, as FRABO G-SIZE can be. This range is composed by copper endfeed fittings with an increased wall thickness, able to resist to higher-pressure working conditions and mechanical stress. For VRV and VRF conditioning systems, Frabo offers FRABO FRIO inch-size endfeed fittings.

Here below, some examples of use:

Heat pumps

Server room high-precision coolers

Liquid coolers

Heat recovery units

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