Fra.Bo OEM Solutions

Fra.Bo is a leading manufacturer of fittings made of copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, bronze.

Since 1969, year of foundation, Fra.Bo offers solutions for some of the major producers in air conditioning and heating, industrial refrigeration, automation, medical industry, marine industry and other applications.

Our constant commitment for quality and innovation makes our products the favourite and specific choice of professionals in the sector and producers.

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Industrial cooling systems

Fra.Bo offers the best products, services and support to customers for industrial refrigeration. In this sector, resistance to high-pressure working conditions is very important.

HVAC/R – Ventilation and air conditioning systems

Fra.Bo is very active in ventilation and air conditioning systems and offers different solutions in order to meet every producers’ construction need.

Medical applications

Fra.Bo offers a copper endfeed range of fittings purpose-developed for medical gas distribution systems and installations, which require very high levels of superficial cleanliness.


The completeness of Fra.Bo range makes our products suitable for industrial and domestic appliances.

Industrial Automation

For producers of valves, control systems or other industrial automation plants, Fra.Bo offers perfect solutions for every need.

Industrial plants and professional machinery

Fra.Bo fittings can be used by producers in professional plants, where operating temperatures can be very high and great resistance to heavy working conditions is required.

Maritime Industry

In shipbuilding industry and offshore systems, attention to quality, reliability and safety of installations is particularly high. Fra.Bo is the perfect partner for this sector.

Other solutions

Fra.Bo fittings integrate in many other different fields of application and kind of plants. Our technical team is at your disposal to check with you the most suitable solutions to any need.

Why choose us?


50 years of experience in fittings production enable us to offer OEM solutions to satisfy high and specific standards.

Made in Italy

Our manufacturing unit is situated in the north of Italy, in the Province of Cremona.

Sustainable development and social commitment

We use solar energy, we recycle waste materials and we do not produce carbon dioxide emissions. We invest in education and in the professional growth of our people; we support research activities and charity organizations.

Complete range

More than 5000 items, 25 families of product, 4 joining techniques (endfeed fittings, press fittings, compression fittings and threaded fittings).

Passion and innovation

PASSION AND EXPERIENCE FOR INNOVATION is our vision and it guide us in every choice.


We are specialized in non-ferrous (copper, bronze and brass) and ferrous (stainless steel and carbon steel) metal working.

Quality at 360°

Our quality process includes suppliers, products, manufacturing steps, materials, logistic and assistance service. We have ISO9001:2015 certification and quality, more than a process, is our attitude.

Technical support

During the critical step of product development, we work closely with you, in order to create a high-quality solution, by using our internal design team.


The 50 years’ experience, the constant evolution and innovation enable us to supply reliable high-quality products for gas and fluid distribution systems. We offer solutions in industrial refrigeration, HVAC/R systems, medical systems, household appliances, aerospace industry, automotive, industrial automation and more. We produce fittings suitable for challenging environments, with high temperature and extreme pressures and able to resist to vibrations and mechanical stress due to transport, installation and use conditions.



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